Grain Discovery

ClientGrain Discovery
SkillsBlockchain / React / Node.js / Hyperledger / UI & UX Design
StatusIn Progress

Blockchain-based Commodity Exchange

StableHacks is involved in the development of Grain Discovery’s online exchange (desktop and mobile app) leveraging the latest blockchain technology to create an efficient, transparent and secure marketplace that simplifies and enhances the connection between farmers and buyers. The platform’s goal is to address the pain points of the global commodity supply chain – loss of provenance, opaque markets and connectivity. 

Grain Discovery’s technology allows clients to decommoditise their product and track the supply chain from “farm to fork.” This enables farmers to differentiate their product and extract a premium. Blockchain records provenance which acts like a digital passport for the commodity, tracking its authenticity and source of origin as it moves through the supply chain.

To learn more, please visit the Grain Discovery website here.